We’ve seen some crazy Apple parody videos in our time. Most are mock product demos, but some are something else entirely. Check out the video above. It’s an animated parody of tomorrow’s iPhone 5 event where Tim Cook’s reign as “MacDaddy” is cut short by the reappearance of Steve Jobs in form of a hologram.

If you never thought you’d see Jobs rapping, now you have. The video was created by Mondo, the same studio which brought us the Happy Tree Friends series. If Apple is wanting us to expect the unexpected, I’m pretty sure this is going to be hard to top.

The video is ever so slightly irreverent, so, if you’re sensitive to anyone portraying your icon as anything short of angelic, you probably won’t want to watch. Adult language insinuated, as well as disrespect towards a deity. All in all, it’s not exactly wholesome, but it is pretty hilarious. You have been warned.

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