Apple’s New Dock Connector Codenamed ‘Lightning?’ New ‘Earpods’, IPod Touch Accessories And New IPod Shuffles As Well?

With Apple’s reveal of a new 9-pin dock connector as good as a sure thing today, it was only a matter of time before someone leaked the internal codename.

Prepare yourselves for something a little silly as the new 9-pin connector is codenamed “Lightning,” a name which is believed to extend to the company’s marketing as well.

It might sound a little silly for what basically amounts to a charging cord, but given the “Thunderbolt” connector on the Mac, the use of “Lightning” begins to have a little more context.

In fact, we’re hopeful that the name “Lightning” may indicate that Apple’s newest transfer cable will allow for faster sync speeds via a computer than the current 30-pin connector. Word has it these cords will sell for around $20, though earlier reports indicated the possibility of a $10 price tag.

Apple is also expected to show off newly redesigned earbuds, codenamed “Earpods” and will retail for the same price as the current set of Apple headphones: $29 in the US. Reports expect sound to be improved as well as a better fit within the ear.

This is one bit of news I’m thrilled to hear as I’ve been content with Apple’s included headphones for some time, but they do have a tendency to fall out quite easily when moving around.

According to 9to5mac and a “high-profile retailer source,” the new iPod shuffle will keep it’s current 2GB capacity, though it will add a new lineup of colors. The “new” iPod shuffle will release in Pink, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple, Silver, Slate and Red.

Not to be forgotten, the 4th-generation iPod touch will also stick around, but gain double the capacity from 8GB to 16GB and a new “Loop” accessory available in multiple colors. The new Loop accessory will be available in multiple color combinations including white+black, white+red, white+pink, white+yellow, and white+blue and retail for $10.

Apple is expected to announce all of the above and more later this afternoon and we’ll be covering all of it live!


Keep an eye on our live blog today starting at 1pm Eastern for all the Apple news as it happens!

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