How about some news not directly related to the new iPhone 5? Need a break? Well here you go. News just broke that Apple won its patent case in Germany against the now Google owned Motorola.

This comes not long after its huge win here in the United States against Samsung. The patent in dispute in the case regards Apple’s “rubber banding effect” that is used to show the end of a list or page of some sorts. It has become well known as a unique part of iOS, and Apple is fighting hard to defend its patents that should keep it that way.

This is hot off the heels of the previous victory here in the US against Samsung. Just as many devices from Samsung were found guilty, several Motorola devices have been found to infringe upon Apple’s patent. This case was not near the size of the Samsung case though, as it only involved one patent, specifically patent ’381.

This is the third win for Apple against Motorola in Germany, with the first two including Slide to Unlock and the photo gallery’s Flip to Navigate features. This was another big win for Apple, and I’m certain it won’t be the last.

What do you think? Just wonder when patent wars will end? Glad it at least quieted down after the Apple/Samsung victory? Let us know in the comments.

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