As Apple called Kent Van Liere, a survey research expert, to the witness stand today in Apple and Samsung’s latest legal skirmish, us consumers got a new insight on how the Average Joe feels about the similarities between Apple and Samsung’s mobile devices.

According to Liere’s surveys, 38 percent of respondents associated Samsung’s Galaxy Fascinate with Apple’s original iPhone design. What’s more, another 37 percent confused the iPhone designs with the Galaxy SII Epic 4G.

On the tablet side of things, Liere claims that he showed consumers videos with both unbranded and Samsung-branded versions of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 6 percent of people who viewed the video said that the branded galaxy tab could be confused with Apple’s iPad, while 19 percent of viewers stated that the unbranded version could be confused with Apple’s counterpart.

Samsung’s Attorney argued that Liere did not question the respondents about whether or not they would purchase the devices, did not let the respondents hold the devices, and did not also compare Samsung’s tablets to other top branded tablets (Motorola, LG).

I personally think that the original iPhone does not resemble the Galaxy fascinate or the Galaxy SII Epic 4G, but these numbers don’t lie. If consumers think that the devices look alike, it can’t hurt Apple’s case.

Tell me what you think about all this bickering in the comments, and let me know if you think Apple, and Samsung’s devices bare any resemblance.

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