Samsung Threaten To Sue Apple If IPhone 5 Features LTE

Having just being sued by Apple last week, Samsung is out for revenge, and has stated today that if Apple decides to feature LTE in its upcoming iPhone, the guys at Cupertino can expect a lawsuit.

This may just be ‘big talk’ on Samsung’s behalf (in playground terms, they’re trying to get some friends after losing the fight), but they may have the upper hand, should they decide to sue the Cupertino giants.

Samsung owns around 12.2% of patents considering LTE technology, meaning that there is a certain likelihood that Apple will infringe one of them. How much these patents will be worth in the courtroom is unknown, as it’s the quality rather than the quantity that will make all the difference.

Samsung is currently working with many major mobile carriers to try and change the designs on their Galaxy devices so that they will not infringe any of Apple’s patents, according to the Korea times, and they are also working on more Windows Phone devices, to decrease their Android dependency.

So, expect more childish antics from both parties in the coming months.

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