Rumor: This May Be Apple’s New Dock Connector

The less than reputable Nowhereelse, a French blog site, has brought us some interesting pictures today. Supposedly these are images of what Apple is going to be using as their new dock connector in future iOS devices.

We’ve seen plenty of pictures of the rumored new casing of the iPhone showing a smaller dock connector, so these actually are fairly believable.

Another thing that has been talked about is that these might be marketed as “MagSafe” connectors, as in some recent pictures there was a “metal ring” around the connection area suggesting that it may be magnetic.

The new connectors are rumored to be used to save space in the new iPhone, to hopefully do what Apple does best and make the phone thinner. Also, if you already own a lot of accessories, don’t worry, it’s rumored Apple will be making an adapter.

What do you think? Interested to see if they market it as MagSafe? Just ready for the phone already? I know I am. Let us know in the comments.

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