Thanks to some well-timed leak work from one of 9to5Mac’s sources the webosphere has some images of what is supposedly the next generation iPhone’s battery. You guessed it: it’s longer and thinner than the current one.

Of course we’ve already seen the front and back panels multiple times, as well as some fantastic mockups of what it will look like in hand. And, as far as internal components go, this is easily the most recognizable and important.

If the information gleaned from these fuel cells is anything to go by, we can expect the capacity to increase from the current 1430mAh to 1440mAh. For all those battery aficionados out there we’ll also see an increase in voltage to 3.8v from 3.7v. Also, watts per hour increases from 5.45 up from 5.3 on the 4S.

If we really are to see a longer/larger display, it’ll have to be a much more energy efficient technology than the current LCD panels if we’re still to get decent battery life from our iPhone 5′s.

Currently, the iPhone 4S isn’t regarded as having the best battery life, and increasing the display size and number of pixels needing to be lit up without significantly increasing battery power could lead to horribly short battery charge cycles. My guess is that – if this leak is genuine – Apple is producing a much more efficient display. Sharp IGZO perhaps? I guess we’ll find out in a month or so’s time.

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