As part of the seemingly never ending wave of supposedly leaked parts for rumored upcoming Apple products, a couple of new images have emerged from repair firm iResQ of what are allegedly the dock connector/headphone jack flex cable parts for the new iPhone and the rumored iPad mini.

Both of these parts appear in black and white, suggesting that we will be able to choose between the two colors as we have since the iPhone 3G.

These leaks do not match up with previous iPad mini rumors that stated that the headphone jack would be at the top of the gadget.

The new leaked iPad mini images also reveal a different part number than what we’ve seen on the former part leaks, with the new code being 821-1516, rather than the previous part number leaked, 821-1476.

These new iPad Mini parts are the first leaks of interior components to be seen by the public, as all the previous leaks have shown exterior angles of the new rumored iDevice.

A second image shows us a close-up interior look at the dock connector port, showing where the rumored eight gold pins on the dock cable will make contact with accessories.

There has been some debate among people of the internet about whether there will be eight or nine gold pins on the new dock connector, with some stating that the metal surrounding the eight pins will serve has a ninth pin.

What do you guys think about these new leaks? I know i’m certainly excited, and can’t wait for word from Apple.

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