Look at your iPhone, now back to this article, now back to your iPhone. You will probably notice that your much loved iDevice has some of your own personal touches. Maybe it’s the case you put on it, or stickers you have added to the back, etc.

What matters is that in some way, shape, or form, we all have a desire to “pimp out” our technology. The iPhone in particular has one of the largest accessory industries in the technological world. Out of this huge accessory industry, camera lenses have formed that attach to the iPhone’s camera, including the KickStarter project, Mobi-Lens.

I know what you all are thinking. WOW! I wouldn’t be caught dead with that thing attached to the back of my precious iPhone. But if you look at the benefits, you may be intrigued to buy it.

For one thing the Mobi Lens is basically a clothes pin that you clip on so that the lens goes over the iPhone’s camera, and can be easily removed, so that you don’t have to have it uglfying (I just made that word up) your iPhone all day long . The Mobi Lens comes with a wide angle lens that when unscrewed, turns into into a macro lens on one side, and a fisheye lens on the other.

It does take some adjusting to get it perfectly over the iPhone’s camera lens because it is compatible with most other mobile devices. I personally really do like the idea because I use my iPhone for all my photography, and the improvements this lens offers can greatly increase the quality of a photograph.

If you want to see Mobi Lens become an actual product, you can help them out on Kickstarter as they are currently 19 thousand dollars short, with 33 days left to be funded.

I personally would use this device almost daily, and hope that it gets the funding it needs to become an actual product. Do you guys feel the same way? Would you use the Mobi Lens? Let us know in the comments.

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