ECOXPOWER: The First IPhone Charger That Attaches To Your Bike

ECOXPOWER The First IPhone Charger That Attaches To Your Bike

For all you bikers out there who are also huge advocates of mobile technology, boy do I have the perfect product to tell you about today.

ECOXGEAR by Grace Digital Inc., a producer of rugged, outdoor and waterproof products for the adventurous lifestyle, has just announced the ECOXPOWER iPhone charger and head light. This attaches to your bicycle and is powered by the spinning front wheel of the bike as you pedal!

ECOXPOWER The First IPhone Charger That Attaches To Your BikeGenerator that attaches to the bikes spokes and powers the EXOPOWER system

The ECOXPOWER supposedly is able to attach to all different sizes of bicycle hubs with its universal mount, so buyers do not have to worry if their bicycle will work with their new $99 toy.

You heard it right, one hundred bucks for this bad boy… If your payday is anything like mine, this will definitely leave a hole in your wallet, but for some, it could definitely be worth the cash.

The First IPhone Charger That Attaches To Your BikeHead light and back light of the EXOPOWER kit

For one thing this product is great if you bike long distances because you can use it to power a device running a Maps or GPS app without worrying that your iPhone (or any other device that has a micro-USB port) will die on you mid-trip.

The headlight also proves itself as a great feature for safe night riding. In addition to the the LED headlight, the ECOXGEAR also comes with a red back light that can help drivers see you, even when you can’t see them. Another cool feature of the ECOXPOWER kit is that it comes with a handle bar-mountable on and off switch so you have complete control of it at all times.

The GPS case that holds your iPhone to your handle bars is also water proof, so you don’t have to worry about it getting splashed and shorting out if you go through a puddle or something of the sort.

You can check out a full summary of the product on its web page here.

I think the EXOPOWER is fairly useful, and would be willing to pay the price to have its features on my next biking trip. What do you guys think? Would you buy the EXOPOWER or do you think it’s useless? Let us know in the comments.

The First IPhone Charger That Attaches

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