“Bluetooth Sharing” Added To IOS 6 “Privacy” Settings

“Bluetooth Sharing” Added To IOS 6 “Privacy” Settings

“Bluetooth Sharing” Added To IOS 6 “Privacy” Settings

Here we are again, not long after a release of a new iOS beta all the new features are discovered almost instantly with how many people are looking for them. We already talked of the biggest change, the exclusion of the dedicated YouTube app, and now we are talking of another most likely major find.

Someone was searching around iOS 6 beta 4 looking for anything interesting and ran across a new section in the “Privacy” tab in Settings. What’s this new section? “Bluetooth Sharing.”

Now, the question is, what will this be used for? Cult of Mac is speculating a good use for this may be to connect it to an iPod Nano, where the user could then view texts, answer calls, view weather or more when the next iteration of that device is released. Because of the iPod Nano as a “watch-like” accessory, it wouldn’t be surprising if Apple brought those speculations into reality.

If you have iOS 6 beta 4, you can find the “Bluetooth Sharing” under Settings > Privacy > Bluetooth Sharing. Looking at the screenshot above, it would appear as if Apple is going to be opening up the function to third party developers as well, so this could open up a whole new accessory lineup for iDevices. Guess we will find out this fall.

What do you think? Excited to see what Apple does with this? Ready for iOS 6 to just be here already? Let us know in the comments.

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