5th Gen IPod Touch Cases Leaked – Erm?

Earlier this week a Chinese website, GizChina, leaked some images of what it claimed were cases for the smaller iPad. In all honesty, they were a little suspect to say the least.

The same site is now publishing some photographs of a cases supposedly designed for the 5th generation iPod touch. Again, the word “dubious” comes to mind, but, let’s entertain them anyway.

If the cases are real (highly unlikely) we could see a major redesign of the best selling touchscreen media player. The cases point towards a device without a teardrop shaped back, and a much more square finish. It also looks like it’d be host to the same 1,136 x 640 pixel elongated display that’s rumored to be the main feature in the 5th generation iPhone.

One thing is for sure, however uncertain we are about rumors: the iPod lineup needs a refresh. There hasn’t been a new iPod for nearly two years (I’m not counting last year’s improved nano or white iPod touch). It’s about time Apple gave some love to the device that helped to save its bacon over ten years ago.

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