Spotify Boasts 13 Billion Listens In US

It may seem like Spotify has been around for a long time, but in reality it’s only been available to US customers for a little over a year. However, that certainly doesn’t mean that it’s a small-time service. In honor of Spotify’s one year anniversary of US availability, the company released some pretty impressive statistics.

Reportedly, listeners in the United States listened to a whopping 13 billion tracks in the 365 days that Spotify has been available to them. Furthermore, they shared even more of those songs – 27,834,742.

Obviously sharing songs was a huge part of the company’s growth, and most of that sharing, unsurprisingly, was done through Facebook. As illustrated in the birthday-themed chart, over 55% of song sharing went through Facebook, 45.5% went directly through Spotify, with Twitter pulling third place with just 2.7%.

And finally, customers have spent a collective 2,700 years’ worth of time browsing the Spotify apps. And with big plans in store for Spotify’s second year in the States, that number is sure to grow. The company has already released free radio stations for mobile apps, so I can only imagine what cool new features are in store next year.

What features would you like to see incorporated into this fast-growing music service? Sound off in the comments section below

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