Reuters: IPhone 5 Will Feature Smaller 19-Pin Dock Connector

I’m sure you’ve all heard by now that Apple has patented a new dock connector design which takes up less space than the current 30-pin one, and is rumored to be making its way to future iOS devices.

As we all are aware, Cupertino likes to do proprietary. Why? Mostly because a lot of the standards that are accepted by others are seen by Cook’s company as being inferior in performance, design and reliability. 30-pin maybe be large and unsightly, but it does outperform Micro USB and is a more sturdy connection.

After around 10 years, Apple looks set to change from its famous port. Even though the current version has served well, it’s not without its flaws. It takes up so much space on the bottom of our iPhones and iPods that it takes away from the stunning visual appeal of Cupertino’s range of iDevices.

This isn’t new information in any way, what’s more noteworthy is the source: Reuters. The mainstream site has thrown its own rumor in to the hat already overflowing with speculation. The site claims that:

The iPhone 5, Apple’s next generation iPhone expected to go on sale around October, will come with a 19-pin connector port at the bottom instead of the proprietary 30-pin port “to make room for the earphone moving to the bottom”, two sources familiar with the matter told Reuters. That would mean the new phone would not connect with the myriad of accessories such as speakers and power chargers that form part of the ecosystem around iPods, iPads and iPhones, without an adaptor.

Although I’m sure many who have purchased “Made for iPhone” accessories will be displeased by the transition and lack of compatibility, it’s great to know that our favorite tech company is still looking at ways to improve design and performance, even when it seemingly isn’t 100% necessary.

What are your thoughts? Should Apple just go standard with Micro USB or continue to innovate new ways of connecting that don’t accept the standard as being good enough?

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