The iPod nano has been getting quite a lot of news recently. First is was rumored to be getting a home button and oblong design, and now it is rumored to be getting some sort of “clip” on the back that will make for faster and easier charging and syncing.

This comes from a patent application that was recently found by AppleInsider, having the title “Portable User Device with a Clip Having Electrical Thermals.” The design in the patent shows a design similar to the design of the current generation iPod nano, featuring a multitouch display and back clip.

This new patent however, would add a charging contacts to the back clip. Alongside the new back clip, there would be a with a new dock that would make use of them, allowing the owner to simply set down the device and it would charge and sync.

This works slightly how the iPod shuffle worked a few generations ago, but instead of a contact-like solution it would sync and charge through the headset jack.

An accompanying patent shows that there could possibly be a charging contact added to Apple’s laptop line as well, allowing you to attach the iPod directly to the laptop for charging and syncing. See that patent below.

This is making news of a new iPod nano very interesting, seeing as this patent goes against the previous ones of a complete redesign, including a home button. Guess we have to wait and see, hopefully at Apple’s music event which usually takes place around autumn. It could also be part of the rumored “packed event” that Apple may be having, which would include the new iPhone announcement.

What do you think? Want to see this sort of charging on iPods? Possibly on iPhones? Let us know in the comments.

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