What IOS Accessories Can’t You Live Without

There are literally thousands upon thousands of accessories for iOS devices out there. From the high-end, specialized cases from Apple-specific accessory companies to the cheap, ill-fitting plastic skins sold by sketchy online sites, there’s really something for everyone.

But cases aren’t the only great iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch accessories. Not by a long shot. I’m sure I don’t need to remind you guys of the endless supply of headphones, screen protectors, back-up batteries, credit card readers, and more.

It’s easy to get lost in the sea of available gadgets for our gadgets, but even still, most people tend to find a few that really suit them. You know, the ones they stick with through multiple iOS generations.

With so many choices out there, it’s very interesting to see which products induce a loyalty in customers usually reserved only for glowing gadgets with an “i” at the start of their names.

Personally, there are three main iOS accompaniments that I’ve been using and upgrading in tandem with each new iOS device I get. The first is a screen protector, the HD Anti-glare film from Power Support USA. This thin, frosty film is a bit overpriced but has saved my screen from countless scratches and shatters that more than make up for the price tag.

I’ve tried a ton of different screen protectors, but this is the only one that I think manages to balance both the protection I’m looking for with the aesthetics I want. Most other screen protectors either don’t keep my screen from getting scratched, obscure or warp the images on screen, or are finger print magnets.

The next iOS accessory I can’t live without is the Incase Slider case. I love this accessory because it’s super protective, but looks great and doesn’t add too much bulk to the design of my device.

It’s basically the equivalent of the HD Anti-glare film for the body of the phone instead of the screen, balancing looks and function which, as it happens, is precisely what Jony Ive strives to do when he’s designing iOS gadgets in the first place!

The final iOS accessory that I’ve had just about as long as I’ve been using iOS devices is an alarm clock/iPhone speaker from iHome. I love the illuminated clock face, the accompanying iOS app, and the volume of the speaker is actually loud enough to wake me up in the morning, which isn’t an easy thing to accomplish.

Apple customers tend to be a loyal breed, and accessories are no different. What accessories for your iOS devices can’t you live without? Let me know in the comments section below

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