It is no secret that Apples device are made to a high standard of excellence. Unfortunately, though, that high standard isn’t always carried over to the production end of things. What’s more, recently it isn’t how the devices are made exactly that is getting a lot of attention nowadays, it is where they are made.

The Foxconn factories have been under intense scrutiny for a long time now. There were reports of hazardous and extreme working conditions. All those things have seem to come to a frighting pinacle.

According to a story from, hundreds of the Foxconn factories workers in southwestern China were arrested due to violent rioting. Apparently it all started with an attempted robbery being thwarted by workers that held grudges against the guards. The thief attempted to flee and workers aided by getting in the way of the guards. reported more on their site, stating the following:

“The situation quickly escalated out of control with up to one thousand workers joining the fray, throwing trash bins, chairs, pots, bottles and fireworks from the upper floors of the bulding to the ground and destroying public facilities. The dorm administrators reported the case to the local public security bureau, bringing hundreds of police officers to suppress the riot, which ended after two hours.”

The story shows a very different side to the polished, pristine, and luxurious company that we have come to know. It is frightening to see things escalate so quickly, but shows a perspective that many people have not seen before.

Not many people stop and think of who made the device they’re holding in their hand or typing on. This makes those people seem a lot more real.

Do you guys have any thoughts on the situation? Chime in down below if you do

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