Apple has made a lot of new features readily available in the beta version of iOS 6 that has been pushed out to developers. While all the new features are great, there are a couple that aren’t fully operational yet.

The big app-elephant in the room is Passbook. It’s Apple’s own virtual wallet that helps you organize all of your store cards, ranging from Starbucks cards to train tickets. When the beta was pushed out this app didn’t work, but now there is a way that you can get it to.

Thanks to RedmondPie, there is now a way to get Passbook working on your iOS device that’s running the beta version of iOS 6. Some people have had trouble using this method on beta 2, but I didn’t have any problems. If you’d like to try it out, instructions(courtesy of RedmondPie) are as follows :

Step 1: Hit using your iOS 6-loaded device.

Step 2: There’s a choice of pre-designed templates, with blank fields for your own information. Choose the one you want.

Step 3: Input all the relevant information and then scroll to the bottom of the creation page. Then hit “Create”. You’ll then be sent to a screen with a usable .pkpass file. (That’s the Passbook compatible file format.)

Step 4: And you’re done. Once you’ve created it, it should work within the Passbook app.”

As I said before, I am running iOS 6 beta 2 and didn’t have any problems adding a Starbucks card, but others have had issues. First impressions of that app, I really like it. I like the design, the layout, the animations. The different colors look great on it. I can’t wait to get a chance to try it out and see how it works.

Any developers out there that are going to try this out? If so, let us know how it works for you.

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