Foxconn CEO Says IPhone 5 Will Put Galaxy S III To Shame

Foxconn CEO Says IPhone 5 Will Put Galaxy S III To Shame

The CEO of Foxconn, Apple’s main iOS device manufacturer, is making headlines today for some interesting remarks regarding the iPhone 5. While at Hon Hai Precision’s annual meeting of shareholders, CEO Terry Gou went on record saying that customers should abstain from buying Samsung’s Galaxy S III and instead wait for Apple’s next-gen iPhone.

According to an article out of the Focus Taiwan News Channel, Gou is claiming the iPhone 5 will put Samsung’s latest device “to shame.” He even went as far as saying the the iPhone 5 will help defeat Foxconn’s “arch-rival,” Samsung.

He didn’t stop there, though. In an apparent attempt to touch upon the biggest Apple rumors he could, Gou also made some very exciting claims regarding the production of an Apple TV set.

He mentioned that Hon Hai’s (Foxconn’s parent company) recent partnership with Sharp’s Sakai plant will result in “the only facility in the world capable of mass producing 60-inch to 80-inch panels.” What’s more, the Sakai plant has signed an exclusive deal with Corning, Inc., which will supply large-format glass panels that will be impossible for any manufacturer to gets hands on.

Foxconn CEO Says IPhone 5 Will Put Galaxy S III

This is very exciting stuff! Of course, these quotes are translations which means there’s the possibility that the meaning has been skewed. Furthermore, considering these statements are unsubstantiated and coming from a possibly biased source, definitely take this news with a grain of salt.

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