A new crop of Apple patents has hit the web, and you know what that means: tons of awesome features to drool over that we’ll probably never see in an iPhone! Some patents, like the foldable flip iPhone, never amount to more than sketches on paper, but let’s hope that this patent for an inductive charging method has a better fate.

Discovered by Patently Apple, this new Apple patent outlines a docking station equipped with a specially designed “eradiating antennae” and inductive charging tech that could wirelessly charge a handheld device. More specifically,

“As shown, the dock housing is configured to receive a handheld device. While the dock housing is shown to receive the handheld device in an upright position, other dock housing configurations for receiving the handheld device along its other sides are also possible. The dock housing is further configured to enable charging the battery of the handheld device through an inductive charge coupling mechanism, and to also provide improved wireless communication by integrating the reradiating antenna as shown. The charge circuit is connected between the inductive charge coupling mechanism and a port for receiving power.”

Personally I would absolutely love to see an iPhone with inductive charging capabilities. Perhaps the return to the aluminum body is a hint that Apple may be bringing this feature to the iPhone 5, though there are also rumors that the company has adopted a new 19-pin charging dock, so there’s really no way of knowing for sure.

On the other hand, this is not the first mention of inductive charging uncovered in patents filed by Apple, so it’s definitely on the companies mind.

One issue that could present itself if Apple builds a phone capable of connecting to a charger wirelessly is that cases and other accessories will either have to be made with openings to allow the charge to happen or be removed before charging.

Would you guys like to see an iPhone with a wireless charging dock, or do you not mind plugging your phone into a wired charger when you go to sleep at night? Sound off in the comments section below

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