ABI Research have recently released their first quarter analysis, and the results show that Apple and Samsung control a massive 90 per cent of all smartphone profits.

Traditionally, Cupertino holds the majority of that 90%, and that’s not likely to have changed much. Back in April, Apple held 80% of smartphone profits with Samsung taking around 20%. All other manufacturers made little/no profit.

Apple And Samsung Take 90% Of Smartphone Market ProfitsAccording to the research, devices from Apple and Samsung represent 50% of the market. Samsung shipped 43 million smartphones in the last quarter, with Apple sold 35 million.

And although Apple sell/ship fewer units, profit margins are much higher. The closest competitor, Nokia, only sold 11.9 million, a stark reminder of the gulf that has formed between Apple and Samsung, and their competitors.

Whilst Apple are showing off some pretty impressive sales figures, taking 90% of the smartphone market alongside Samsung is absolutely astonishing, and it really shows off the dominance the two smartphone giants have established.

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