Steve Jobs’ ICar Dream

In a recent interview this week, CEO of J.Crew and Apple board member Mickey Drexler alluded to the vision of an iCar, concocted in the brilliant mind of Apple’s late CEO Steve Jobs.

During the Fast Company Innovation Uncensored expo in New York, Drexler talked about Jobs’ dream:

“Look at the car industry – it’s a tragedy in America… They talk about expense, they talk about this – and then you say, well ‘who’s designing the cars?’ Steve’s dream, before he died, was to design an iCar.”

This kind of rumor has been around for a while, back in 2007 Jobs met with German auto mobile company Volkswagen, and there was reports that the two had in mind a car for the youth of today… well, yesterday.

I think it’s rather sad that Apple didn’t create an iCar. California design coupled with Chinese manufacturing would have worked well together, and judging by the standard of Apple’s products to date, the car would have been fantastic.

Ask Drexler however, and I think the word “fantastic” might have fallen short of the mark:

“It would’ve been probably 50 per cent of the market… He never did design it.”

“50 percent!” I hear you cry? What kind of company can invent a product, shove it into a well established market and walk out the other side with 50 percent? Well, Apple can…and have…with this thing called an iPod…remember that?

Sadly, Jobs’ dream never materialised, but at Todays iPhone we love a good concept. So, from transport design student Liviu Tudoran I give you The iMove:

This three-seater plug in electric concept has a “photocromic” exterior, allowing the driver to change the colour of the car. The entire dashboard is one oversized iPad, and its convertible design is based on Apple’s Magic Mouse. Pretty cool right? Could you see something like that dominating the auto mobile market? Leave a comment below!

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