New IPhone In September, 7-Inch IPad In August – Rumor

DigiTimes is reporting that according to sources within the supply chain of Taiwan-based Pegatron Technology, the company has received orders for Apple’s sixth-generation iPhone. The report then goes on to claim that the device will be launched in September of this year.

This story is supported by Pegatron’s decision to “downsize its SI motherboard department and to shift resources to Apple’s orders.”

The company is currently an original equipment manufacturer for Apple, tackling orders for the iPhone 4S as well as the new iPad. So this new priority for Apple does seem to suggest something bigger than what Pegatron is currently doing with the Cupertino-based giant.

This DigiTimes report didn’t stop there, though. The much-hyped 7-inch iPad also appeared in the article, with the site claiming Apple’s main overseas manufacturer, Foxconn, will be responsible for a 7.85-inch iPad launching this August.

Strangely, a new full-sized iPad was also mentioned. The current new iPad just came out and is still launching overseas, but that didn’t stop DigiTimes from saying that Apple has plans to release a new 10-inch iPad in the fourth quarter of 2012, manufactured by Pegatron.

I’m still not buying the whole 7-inch iPad thing. It just doesn’t seem logical to me. And stories of a new 10-inch iPad are simply insane. I can’t imagine why Apple would release a new iPad mere months after launching the third-generation tablet, regardless of the size of the screen.

As far as the next-gen iPhone goes, there’s nothing really unbelievable here, but the simple fact that it was lumped into a report with these iPad stories gives me pause.

What do you guys think? Is this whole story just bogus, or do parts of it (if not all of it) sound believable to you? Definitely weigh in down below in the comments

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