New IPad Now Ships In 3-5 Days

New IPad Now Ships In 3-5 Days

If you’re thinking about purchasing a new iPad, now is a perfect time to do it. Every single new iPad model (black and white in all capacities, with and without 4G) now show a shipping time of just 3-5 days on Apple’s US online store.

This is great news, especially since Tim Cook admitted that the company had been suffering supply shortages during Apple’s quarterly earnings call in March.

It certainly seems Cook & Co. have overcome those issues. Just a few weeks ago, customers who bought new iPads online had to wait one to two weeks to get their hands on ‘em.

That number then dropped to 5-7 days, and now it’s down again, presumably because Apple’s finally been able to build up enough iPad stock to meet the demand.

If you live in the US and are considering an iPad, you can check out the website here.

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