Easy Copy And Paste Shortcuts With “Drag” Keyboard Concept

In 2009, Apple added cut, copy and paste to iOS 3. It allowed (and still allows) users to select text and copy and paste it across all apps.

But it’s kind of a pain. Currently, to select text, you have to hover over it with your finger until the magnifying glass pops up on the display. Then, when you release your finger, it selects the nearest word you hovered over. It’s very inconvenient and it takes a very long time.

Luckily for us, there’s some people outside of Cupertino that can come up with great ideas for our iOS devices. This is especially so with Daniel Hooper. Hooper created an amazing concept for text editing in iOS. It combines desktop-like keyboard short cuts with touch screen innovations.

It’s an ingenious way to interact with text on the iPad. Hooper is not going to release his prototype-concept as a jailbreak. Instead, Hooper wants you to submit a bug report to Apple in order to get his concept into iOS.

According to Hooper, the “bug” he reported is now a known issue, meaning someone could be thinking about adding this to a future version of iOS.

Do you think Hooper’s keyboard would be a good addition to iOS? Let us know in the comments below,

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