RIM recently finally announced its plans for BlackBerry 10. And, if I’m completely truthful, I love the look of it.

So much reminds me of the ill-fated webOS, a platform which held so much promise, but wasn’t given the attention it deserved by either Palm or HP. One of the coolest new features of BB10 is the re-designed predictive text input. By swiping up from certain letters, you select popular words instead of having to type or Swype the entire sentence.

Thanks to some clever work from an iOS developer, we’ll soon have that exact feature on our iPhones. “Octopus Keyboard” takes the principle of BB10′s input method and applies it to the standard iOS virtual keypad.

What made me chuckle slightly, is that we’re going to get it on our iPhones before it’s released officially by RIM. Here’s a quick demo video uploaded by iDownloadBlog on YouTube:

Would you like to see something like this added to the native keyboard on your iPhone? Or is it the worst idea since RIM launched the Storm?

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