The last few weeks have been pretty busy in the world of iPhone rumor spinning. Everything from display technology through to release dates has been discussed, and there have been a whole host of concepts unveiled by various artists. Just in case you missed all the excitement and speculation, here’s a round up of everything so far:

1. Release Date: June/July or October?

This will – strangely – be the main and most popular topic of conversation every week until the next fantagmastic iPhone is launched. Will Apple switch back to a summer time launch or stick with a Fall release?

Munster: iPhone 5 release likely to fall in October, cites supply issues

One analyst, possibly the most respected in the world of Apple predictions, stated that due to some 4G chip shortages we probably won’t have anywhere near enough LTE capable chipsets for an iPhone launch until later this year.

Rumor: iPhone 5 orders placed by Apple, on schedule for October launch

This rumor came before Munster’s prediction, from a high-ranking Foxconn manager, and set itself directly against the rumor published just before it. Apparently, Apple has placed an order with Foxconn to have its iPhone’s ready for an October launch.

Apple iPhone 5 coming in June? One Foxconn employee says so…

One Foxconn employee from the recruitment team stirred a little trouble when interviewed on a Japanese TV bulletin. He stated that that the next Apple smartphone will be available from June. We weren’t convinced, and neither is anyone else.

My personal thoughts are that Apple will stick with WWDC in June being a purely software showcasing event. It makes sense, it is – after all – a developers’ conference.

Launching a phone in October means that it’s set for an opening period that falls right on holiday season, when everyone will want to be buying it for their kids/parents/lovers/grandmothers/whoever.

2. Features – Display, Specs etc

Rumor – iPhone 5 features: 1GB RAM, “sleek” unibody design, 4″ display

This – if it turns out to be true – would be my perfect idea for an iPhone. I love the unibody design of the Lumia 800/900 and HTC One X, and with Apple’s history in Aluminum machining, this would be incredible.

More importantly, it’ll probably see the end of the uncomfortable square design of the 4/4S. A larger display is necessary, and I’m okay with leaving RAM to the engineers. If iOS 6 needs more of it, the designers will put it in.

Rumor: iPhone 5 to have new Liquidmetal body

Going against the unibody Aluminum theory is that concerning the long-spoken of LiquidMetal material that Apple has been experimenting with for the last couple of years. The most interesting thing about LiquidMetal is that it doesn’t need to be machined like other metals.

Instead, it can be cast (like plastic) using a mold meaning that much more intricate and precise designs can be achieved. (We all know Apple is all about precision.) Plus it’s super lightweight in solid form and really great at dealing with scratches and knocks. So good – in fact – that’s it’s primarily used in the military.

Rumor: iPhone 5 to feature ultraslim in-cell multitouch display

The most recent of rumors discusses the touch panel that’s placed on top of the iPhone’s display/digitizer. Instead of featuring a layer of touch sensitive sensors on top of the color filters, it will be “in-cell”, making the overall display unit much thinner.

3. Concepts

iPhone 5 concepts rounded up – which is your favorite?

I love iPhone concepts. Not because I think the next iPhone will look like any of them, but because I like the excitement and buzz that surrounds it. I can appreciate the art, and I really enjoy seeing people’s impressions of what their perfect iPhone would look like and feature.

My concept roundup covers most of the recent ones. Some are really great, others far-fetched and others are downright hideous. Have a look and let us know which you like.

Which rumors do think are most realistic? And what would you like to see on the next iPhone? Comment below.

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