Back when the first generation iPad launched, I was not only intrigued by Apple’s unusual device, but all the accessories made for it. There are so many around these days that when one that’s really special shows up, it really catches your eye.

Twelve South’s Compass was one of those. I’ve been wanting to try it out for 2 years. Now I finally have my hands on the latest version.

Twelve South Compass Stand For IPad First Looks And GalleryIf you’re looking for a compact, reliable and attractive stand for your table, you may as well stop looking now. Twelve South’s Compass is all these things and stands out in a market full of folio stands and various other impractical accessories.

Like an actual compass, the stand pulls apart to create a three-legged easel that can hold your iPad in portrait mode, or at a shallower angle for onscreen typing. When you’re done, collapse it and slip it back inside the pouch it comes packaged with. It’s so slim, but incredibly sturdy.

Protective rubber is placed in all the right places to ensure that your iPad and desk don’t get scratched. The moving parts give a real sense of quality. The legs, little feet, and the kickstand at the rear all move smoothly.

They’re not too loose, and neither are they stiff. This thing is practically perfect in every way. I know, I’m gushing, but for good reason. This is an unmatchable stand in every department. Portability, practicality, quality, design.. it exceeds every expectation I had.

The stand is compatible with all three generations of iPad, and can be used for other tablets, and smartphones thanks to the adjustable legs. It costs $39.99 and is available from Twelve South’s online store. I’ll reiterate what I said earlier: if you want a stand for your iPad, this should be your first and only choice. Simply stunning.

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