Sonoro IElements Speaker Radio: First Looks/Gallery

Last month we checked out Sonoro’s premium CuboDock speaker system for iPhone/iPod. The $400 speaker had a great look and sound, so I was expecting great things from the CuboDock’s smaller sibling, the iElements Speaker Radio.


  • Listen to music on your iPod, iPhone or radio
  • Docking station for your iPod or iPhone
  • Charges your device while docked
  • Alarm clock, sleep and snooze functions
  • FM radio with 10 preset stations
  • Dimmable display
  • AUX-in for your iPad and MacBook
  • Sound optimisation through adjustable bass and treble settings
  • Wooden housing with high gloss, piano finish and acrylic front”

The box comes loaded with all the right peripherals: minimalist iPhone dock, cables, and FM antenna. To give it that real quality feel, it comes in a soft cloth bag and a pair of white gloves for handling. (Trust me, you don’t want to get fingerprints all over this thing.) The speaker looks amazing.

Its minimalist white box design combines perfectly with the simple display and iPod-esque controls. On the front there are two really nice touches that really tickled my nerdy side. Firstly, the power button is touch sensitive. Secondly, when the device is powered up, there’s a white glow underneath the silver ring/controls. The only downside for me: no remote control.

At the back are all the external ports and switches you could need. It has an auxiliary input for the dock, a connector for the antenna, a mini-jack input for other devices, a line out and a headphone jack.

The single speaker sits at the top, surrounded by a beautiful frame and attractive grill. Everything has gone in to this to make it look and feel great. Picking it up, it’s clearly well-made and is solid enough to give reassurance that it won’t be knocked down from any surface easily.

Sound quality is good. It’s no match for its bigger brother, but I wasn’t expecting it to be. Thanks to its adjustable bass and treble frequencies, you can customize it and maximise the single speaker’s output balance.

My favorite part by far – and this really shows my nerdy side – the iPhone dock. It’s a perfect circle with a silver rim and a tiny LED that swaps between red and green to indicate if the device is on or off.

Beautifully minimalist and very “Apple-y”. The speaker costs around $285 including taxes (check Sonoro’s site for your local dealer). For build and design quality alone, it’s definitely worth it.

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