ADR Studios, run by graphic design artist, Antonio De Rosa, has just released its latest concept. The artist is well known for his iConcepts, his designs are always interesting – but never likely to become an actual product. In the past his creations have included the iWatch, iCam and weird TV control/iPad device. The latest, the “new iPhone” features a giant display – could be 4.6″, like the one rumored earlier.

Despite its very unique design, it’s just not Apple. The three separate touch screen displays, the LED Edge, huge display and buttons in the wrong places mean Jony Ive would never even consider something this futuristic.

Apple does minimalist, and attempts to reduce fragmentation in software. Having the two thin strips of touch screen means a radical change in software/firmware that would mean more work for developers and the software engineers. It’s not simple enough, but it’s still really cool.

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