Apple Working On A 3D Camera?

Apple Working On A 3D Camera

According to Patently Apple, Apple has developed/are developing a 3D camera that will blow competition out of the water.

The new technology was patented in Q3 of 2011, and today it was published by the US Patent and Trademark Office. This new technology will apparently utilize all new depth-detection sensors, revolutionising the way 3D images are created.

The cameras used will also be much more advanced when it comes to sensing light, hugely enhancing the color of all the images produced, there’s also word of facial recognition and facial gesturing recognition.

Apple Working On A 3D CameraThese would all come together to create amazing images that could only be appreciated on Apple’s Retina display, and by the sounds of things, they should be pretty mind blowing.

There’s so much to the report, that apart from give an incredibly brief summary, all I can do is recommend that you check it out for yourself if you find yourself inclined to learn more.

One thing to note is the fact that the new camera can be hosted in all kinds of devices, phones, PCs (or Macs I guess), PDAs, and perhaps most interestingly a standalone camera.

This might just be Apple showing off what the tech can do, or it may be a hint that Apple are developing its own standalone camera, another product that could help Apple take over the world develop its interests in a new market and broaden their customer base.

I seriously recommend you read Patently Apple’s report for yourself, it’s an incredibly comprehensive guide to the patent and all the technology it incorporates. In the meantime, would you be excited for a 3D camera from Apple? Let us know in the comments

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