Still using SiriRemember back in October when Tim Cook and his fellow chiefs showed off a new voice-activated assistant? This latest innovation was set to debut on the iPhone 4S, and was one of the few additions to the new handset that differentiated it from any previous Apple smartphone. It’s now been almost 7 weeks since the 4S was launched, and I’ve almost forgotten about Siri.

To begin with I did the usual “I love you”, “open the pod bay doors”, “will you marry me” commands. It didn’t take long for those humorous back and forths to end. That being said, I consistently used it to set alarms, Reminders and put appointments in to my calendar. It became a useful and unmissable feature.

I genuinely ran my day-to-day organising through the intelligent assistant. A few weeks later, and I’m barely using it at all. In fact, I genuinely don’t recall the last time I used it. Is there a possibility that this much hyped feature is just another infrequently used gimmick? Like FaceTime?

When I first got my iPhone 4S I was convinced this service had legs, that it was more than just the usual show-off feature. I believed it could become very useful, and more practical than inputting Reminders manually.

Instead, I’m now back to using Wunderlist for task management, and all my updates go through my Mac first, then sync with my iPhone. It may just be my home office lifestyle, but this to me is much simpler.

It may be that those of you constantly on the move with headsets hanging from your ears 24//7, that Siri usage is much more frequent.

I can understand that these workaholic/work-on-the-move types would need it, but what about the average Joe? Does the burger flipper at McDonalds still use Siri? Does the school teacher or toll booth operator? In my mind, I can see myself using it, but not as frequently as it deserves.

How many of you guys are still using Siri? Do you use it more or less than when you first got the iPhone? L

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