Apple vs. Samsung lawsuit latest US judge rejects block on Galaxy device sales

Apple’s lawsuit against Samsung has been raging globally now for most of this year. The iPhone makers claim that multiple patents have been infringed upon, and go so far as to say that some devices copy the “look and feel” of the iOS loaded gadgets.

Yesterday afternoon, a US judge but a block in Apple’s way. The judge rejected Cupertino’s request to block sales of particular Samsung devices: 3 phones and the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Judge Lucy Koh stated ”It is not clear that an injunction on Samsung’s accused devices would prevent Apple from being irreparably harmed.”

In essence, it means that the judge doesn’t think that banning any of the devices would help Apple sell more iDevices. I’m inclined to say I agree with her.

In my own mind, people who want an iPhone will buy one, they won’t get “confused” by a Galaxy S and purchase a Samsung handset instead. Neither will they mistake an Android running slate for the iPad 2. Personally, I’m hoping the resolution to this ridiculous lawsuit comes swiftly.

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