Siri Cracked To Work On Any Device

Siri cracked to work on any device

Ever since Siri was announced, people have hacked it to work on devices other than the iPhone 4S. Chpwn ported it to the iPhone 4, iPod touch 4, iPhone 3GS and even the iPod touch 3. But what if I told you that it’s possible to talk to Siri from your desktop?

Well it looks like the people at Applidium, an app development firm, have cracked Siri’s code. They’ve discovered the way that Siri communicates with Apple’s servers to determine what the user said, they’ve even discovered the way to send commands to Apple’s servers and get back results.

Here’s how they cracked Siri:

  • They determined what port and IP address Siri send the data to. Turns out it goes to one of Apple’s servers at at port 443. (It doesn’t serve web pages though).
  • Made a server to send the information to (with a fake Dynamic Name Server, the thing that changes IP address to easy-to-remember text).
  • Watch Siri pour all its processes out.

Applidium went through a very difficult and tedious process to get Siri to run properly on devices other than the iPhone 4S, something that is near impossible for most. There is only one major caveat to this hack – you must have a REAL iPhone 4S identifier in order to communicate with the server.

This means if you want to send commands from a different device to Apple’s server and you don’t have an iPhone 4S identifier, your command will not be processed. The major thing Applidium proved is that you don’t need an iOS device to run Siri.

Another interesting tidbit is Siri’s codename, Ace. You can read Applidium‘s report, if you feel up for a challenge.

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