According to a research undertaken by Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, over 40% of smartphone purchases in the UK in October were iPhones, 42.8% to be exact. This was mostly down to the launch of Apple’s latest handset, the only brand to create this level of intense adoption at its release.

(Seriously, can’t remember ever seeing lines as long as those on iPhone 4S anywhere, for anything.) In a twist of fortune, Android slumps in at 35% of new purchases. What this means as that for the quarter leading up to October’s end, Android’s new purchase market share dropped from 49.9% to 46%. Apple’s grew from 25% to 27.8%.

It’s not all rosy for Cupertino though, as a good proportion of iPhone 4S buyers have expressed remorse over their choice of phone ( survey). Some 22% claim that they regret it either because of the poor battery life experienced, or because they’re envious of their friends’ phones.

What makes this a little more poignant is that the upfront cost of the iPhone compared to other smartphones is pretty high. Most other handsets are available for free on £30-£35 per month contracts. The 16GB iPhone 4S is only free at around £45 per month, or an upfront cost of £99 on a £35 contract.

The other two models are more expensive. So, to pay upfront, or to pay more monthly for a phone which disappoints doesn’t leave a positive feeling. Consider also that most phone retailers don’t except returns unless you have no network coverage, and will only exchange like-for-like. It certainly leaves consumers feeling buyer’s remorse with a tint of helplessness.

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