I am in shock. For quite some time now I was absolutely certain that Apple would send out invites today for a September 21 event. Clearly I was wrong. Predicting Apple’s events in the past has been much simpler, this year no one knows what is going on.

What I do know is this: without invites being sent today, the event will take place no sooner than Thursday the 22nd, because Apple always gives a week notice beforehand. However, events favor Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so does this mean that invites won’t be sent until next Wednesday, 9/21, with an event to follow on the 28th? I really hope not.

If that is the case, I wouldn’t expect an iPhone 5 launch before October 14. Unless Apple switches it up and releases the phone only a week and a half after the event (wishful thinking), not two and a half like with the iPhone 4. October 7 no longer sounds likely.

Fanboys, it’s not time to feel crushed just yet. You are not the only ones anticipating an iPhone 5 soon. Actually, major phone case maker Otterbox is very excited for the next iPhone to launch. They even have an ad for it! Now hold on to your last ounce of patience and wait on the edge of your seat for Apple to send those precious invitations soon.

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