The curious case of the Reminders appI’m having a major problem with iOS 5 beta 7 on my iPhone 3GS; the reminders app is not working properly. Though the new standard app may not be important to some of you — and viewed as just another app that is not removable — it is something I have been looking forward to since Apple revealed it in June. I love to stay organized.

When I first downloaded iOS 5 on July 19, I’m pretty sure the app worked fine. I remember using it flawlessly at some point between now and then, though I did notice the ‘remind me at a location’ feature was missing. I simply ignored that and continued organizing multiple lists, setting reminders frequently.

Now, I am unable to pinpoint exactly when this issue started (it could have began with the update to beta 7, or possibly before that) but it is frustrating me.

Could my 3GS be the cause here? I didn’t think the location reminder was an iPhone 4 specific feature, but I’m no expert. However, before you get any ideas, the story gets weirder.

As of late, I can no longer add new lists, add new reminders, set location reminders, or even view my old reminders from before. Below is my gallery of screenshots to help you better understand my situation, because I sure don’t.

Here you can see that remind me ‘at a location’ is not an option.

Then, after tapping the three-lined icon on the main page (below left) to view and edit all lists, I see this (below right).

There is no edit button to tap, so I cannot add new lists. The completed list doesn’t even show up.

Next, if I tap in the search bar, I see this.

After hitting cancel, the edit button magically appears on the right.

But if I tap the edit button, I see this, with no option to add a new list. Just blank lines where the option to edit lists should be.

Backtracking to the calendar, if I try to add a new reminder it is impossible. Tapping in the margin does not open a new reminder like it should, in fact it does absolutely nothing, as if the feature never existed.

Lastly, and probably most bizarre, if I go back into the main screen, tap the three-lined icon, and then tap in the search bar, I can search for old reminders from August (hammock reminder below).

The hammock reminder, along with all others, is not viewable from anywhere else within the reminders app, and tapping on it results in this red banner appearing.

Though once I lift my finger, I am faced with the main screen once again.

It’s as if I never tapped the hammock reminder, and returning to the search page shows blank lines; the hammock reminder disappears until I search for it again.

I sure hope this problem is resolved before iOS 5 goes live to the public. All the talk about how ready Apple is to finalize the new OS really makes me wonder if they’ll pull it off in time. Though, knowing Apple, I think they probably will.

So… any ideas guys? I hope this wasn’t too confusing. Was anyone lost along the way? Or better yet, is anyone else experiencing this or something similar? Feedback would be much appreciated, please comment!

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