GameStop Now Buys Your Old IOS Device, Will Soon Sell New Ones Too – Rumor

GameStop now buys your old iOS device, will soon sell new ones too – rumorAs if we needed any more proof that iOS is the best mobile gaming experience around, GameStop has just announced that the company will begin buying back old iOS devices in exchange for store credit.

The video game giant already does this with all the major console games, but the addition of iOS to this policy is very significant – it’s really the first time the platform has been recognized by a gaming company (other than app developers) as a true contender in the gaming sphere.

Now, following yesterday’s announcement about iOS trade-ins, 9to5 Mac has said that GameStop could soon begin selling iOS devices as well. The information comes from an anonymous tipster who says that GameStop alerted its dealers at a conference in Vegas that it was working with Apple on a deal to sell iOS devices.

Keep in mind that there’s no hard evidence to back up this source, but what he or she is saying definitely makes sense. In fact I’ll be very surprised if, at the launch of the iPhone 5, a GameStop rep doesn’t make a stage appearance announcing the deal.

Gamers – how do you feel about this? Is the GameStop deal a step in the right direction for the future of iOS gaming, or is it just one more place to buy the newest Apple product? Personally, I’m excited to see how the rest of the gaming market will react. Maybe Nintendo will finally get its act together and release some iOS games…

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