Apple IPad 2 Orders Being Cut By 25 Percent?

Apple iPad 2 orders being cut by 25 percent

Apple iPad 2 orders being cut by 25 percent

According to Bloomberg, Apple has cut its iPad 2 orders by as much as 25% for the 4th quarter of this year. Initially expected to ship 17 million units, the figure has now dropped to around 13 million. It appears that quite a few sources within the supply chain all agree on this one. It’s also comes as something of a shock.

It’s not like Apple to drop shipments of any product by this amount. Interestingly, it’s also rumored that this could lead to a price drop. Again, something Apple is known not to do – unless a new generation of iPads is just around the corner.The question is: why?

Before any super-Android-loving-Apple-haters jump on with their “Android is taking over” argument, let me just say, that is simply not the case. Apple’s iPad actually took market share away from Google-powered tablets last quarter. The theory is that there has been a huge drop in demand in Europe for the device.

Being based in Europe, I can tell you that I only know one other person who owns an iPad – and he’s American. Whenever I speak to anyone here in the UK – and I mean anyone – about tablets, I get the same response: “what’s the point?” Something which is hard to argue with.

Granted, they are cool, but in performance and features they are still just a giant iPod Touch. They can’t replace computers, and they can’t replace smartphones. Until they’re capable of running full desktop-style applications, they’ll have a limited audience.

Don’t get me wrong, I love mine, it comes in really useful with kids. They can watch TV shows, play games or read books on it. But, if I’m completely honest, if running an iOS-centric site wasn’t my job, I wouldn’t have one. What about you? Is the iPad something you couldn’t live without? Or, is it just a nice luxury to have in the house?

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