More “leaked iPhone 5″ parts show up real or fakeAccording to GreekiPhone the images in the gallery below show internal parts from the next iPhone. The site reports that the camera part is thinner, and has a higher resolution sensor.

I’m not convinced that these genuinely are iPhone parts, they could almost be from anything, but if they are they also point to a possible button layout change.

More leaked iPhone 5 parts show up real or fakeThe other parts leaked are the headset jack, which is connected to the volume buttons. Oddly, this would suggest that the volume buttons are switching to the right hand side of the phone.

If so, it goes against all the rumors we’ve heard so far of the mute switch swapping sides, but the volume controls staying put. I’m not convinced this is a genuine leak, but, I’ll offer the images to you and let you decide.

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