Accessory Review: Belkin DualFit Armband

Category: Athletic Gear / Armband
Model: Belkin DualFit Armband
Price: $24.99
TiP Rating: 4/5 stars (✭✭✭✭)
Seller: Belkin
Requirements: iPhone 4

Summary: The DualFit Armband is clearly an accessory worth mention. With its lightweight design, awesome wearability and sweat resistant fabric, it is the perfect band to keep your iPhone 4 safe while you run, bike, and play.

Review: This armband is like most on the market, meaning that it wraps around your arm, features a window to view what your device is doing and is extremely lightweight. All very important features to the fitness enthusiast in us all.

It is adjustable, being able to fit huge arms and even scrawny little twigs. The price is comparable to others on the market and may even be considered a little cheap.

There’s a few problems that I have with this case. The main one is that there is no markings or cut-outs for all the switches and buttons (but there is one for the headset jack) on the iPhone.

The only button on the device that has any recognition is the home button. Of course, this is probably just a precautionary measure to avoid any water damage, but it is really annoying. Additionally, the bottom of the screen protector is a few millimeters from the device meaning that you have to press down a little harder. Not too difficult, but it is definitely an issue.

Besides those few caveats, the armband does its job well, and stays firmly in place while exercising. The light velcro is strong and sturdy, and I barely noticed I was wearing it (without the iPhone inside). The fabric feels like it breaths, and it wasn’t too wet after I took it on a four mile run, meaning that my iPhone was fully protected against the sweat from my arm.

Another excellent feature is a little pouch to hold your headphones when you aren’t running (or exercising in general). Additionally, the DualFit’s smaller features make it a very good companion when exercising.

Personally, I used this armband with the Nike+ GPS app, and it tracked my run accurately, even through the sweat proof fabric (and good thing the armband offers that feature, otherwise my iPhone’s water sensors would’ve gone crazy). The combination of the app and band made my run a little more bearable.

All-in-all, I think I just found my new favorite running accessory with this armband. The cheap price, weight, and durability (did I mention I accidentally dropped my iPhone and it survived? Don’t try that at home.) of this armband make it a worthwhile purchase for anyone looking to get fit with their iPhone.

Do you have the DualFit Armband, and if so do you like it? Are you thinking about getting the DualFit armband? Let me know in the comments below

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