The Samsung/Apple legal battle is nothing new. However, what is new is Samsung backing down. On June 30th, the company dropped the countersuit it filed against Apple in order to, “streamline the legal proceedings.”

If you remember, Apple filed a copyright suit against Samsung a couple months back, claiming the Galaxy Tab copied the iPhone and iPad. Samsung responded to the suit with a countersuit, claiming Apple was the copy-cat.

But it looks like the legal team over at Samsung thought better of the idea, and dropped the countersuit. Unfortunately, however, that doesn’t mean the legal battle is over.

Samsung may have dropped it’s suit here, but legal battles between the two companies are still underway in South Korea, Japan and Germany. Not to mention, UK Samsung claims it will file a counter-claim in the US to carry on the fight against Apple’s accusations.

Nam Ki Yung, a samsung spokesperson, went on record saying,

“Samsung will continue to actively defend and protect our intellectual property”.

Great. You do that. But does anyone really care anymore? I certainly don’t. I mean, when it comes to the tech industry – mobile tech especially – everyone is copying everyone these days.

If other companies didn’t copy Apple, there would be no all-touch phones. If Apple didn’t copy other companies, most of iOS 5 would not exist. As a consumer, I couldn’t care less if Apple has spies lowering themselves from the ceiling into Samsung’s HQ, as long as we get great products. Do you agree?

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