As sick as I am of reporting on and reading about the Apple/Samsung lawsuit, I really couldn’t resist this story. For those that don’t know, Apple and Samsung are engaged in a riveting tiresome legal battle that basically boils down to “You’re a copycat!” “No, you’re the copycat!” Real hard-hitting stuff here…

All joking aside, though, the lawsuit has been going on for quite some time and both companies have made fairly accurate accusations of patents being infringed upon. That is why I was so surprised to see the new Samsung authorized Smart Case for the Galaxy Tab. This thing looks identical to Apple’s smart cover, down to the size of the foldable sections of the front. It’s absurd.

On top is the Smart Case, bottom is Apple’s Smart Cover

Oh, but wait, it gets crazier. You see, this case isn’t just any cheap knock-off. It’s manufactured by a company called Anymode, the CEO of which just happens to be the nephew of Samsung’s former chairmen (allegedly, anyway). Though, regardless of the supposed family ties between the two companies, it is undeniable that Samsung supports the case and the company.

Apparently products manufactured by Anymode are being sold across Korea in in Samsung’s A/S center. What’s more, official Samsung branding has appeared in promotional images for the Smart Case.

All in all I’d say the name is pretty ironic, considering this is one of the least intelligent things Samsung could have done. Not only does it completely undermine everything Samsung has been saying in court, but it shows that the company truly have no regard for the patents held by Apple. I mean, tech companies copying one another is part of the business, but there is no excuse for such a blatant rip-off.

What’re your thoughts on this? Has Samsung gone too far with this one, or do you think it’s within the boundaries of acceptable copying? Comment below

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