There have been a couple very interesting reports recently regarding mobile web browsing. And, looking through the stats, one can’t help but notice that Apple’s iPad keeps cropping up.

Apple launched the original iPad a little over a year ago, and already it’s gained an enormous amount of the tablet market. In fact, according to NetMarketShare, the iPad accounts for 1% of global web browsing. That may not sound like a lot, but 1% of the world’s Internet-browsing gadgets is pretty huge.

What’s more, The Register is reporting that the iPad accounts for 2.1% of web browsing here in the US.

Furthermore, eliminating everything except tablets from the equation, the iPad boasts a whopping 97% of all web traffic. And I can see why. Surfing the web on my iPad really is a great experience. Yes, there are certain things Apple could do better, but there are also many things that the company is doing pretty well.

iPad owners – are you surprised at just how much of the tablet market is made up of the iPad? Or, judging by your firsthand experience, do you feel that the praise and popularity of the iPad and iPad 2 are justified? Share your opinions in the comments section below,

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