IPad 2 Jailbreak Out Now!The iPad 2 is finally jailbroken. News came in the form of a YouTube video (below) which shows one lucky hacker jailbreaking his iPad 2 with the super-easy JailbreakMe 3.0.

For those who don’t know, JailbreakMe is a method of hacking an iDevice developed by a guy known on the Internet as Comex.

It could not be easier – all you have to do is go to a certain website on whatever gadget your trying to hack, click a button or two and sit back and watch the magic happen.

Now keep in mind that the version currently floating around the web is rumored to be a beta release leaked by one of Comex’s beta testers.

If this turns out to be true, you can be sure that it’ll be buggy. I mean, lets face it – the final release of a jailbreak is often buggy, so a beta is probably doubly so.

That being said, it seems like many people can’t wait another minute to break into their shiny iPad 2 and a couple glitches isn’t going to stop them. If you share that sentiment, you can click this link to get started. But, just warning you, jailbreaking is not foolproof. It may brick your device, and will definitely void your Apple warranty (if Apple finds out).

But, if anyone is brave enough to go for it, I’d love to know how it works. Leave a comment below letting me know how JailbreakMe 3.0 functions, and how your iPad is performing post-jailbreak. Keep in mind that this method is for devices running iOS 4.3 only. Those running the beta of iOS 5 will have to wait a bit longer.

Also, for anyone interested, our own Jake Zarobsky did some digging and found nearly all the PDF files related to these jailbreaks. You can find them here but be sure to read the disclaimer.

Update 1:


There was some speculation as to whether or not this jailbreak was actually Comex’s work. Though, Jake Zarobsky found an image that seems to indicate that it is in fact JailbreakMe 3.0 (though it was NOT released by Comex). Thoughts?

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