IOS vs. Android: Google’s Got Market Share, Apple’s Got The Cash

iOS vs. Android Google’s got market share, Apple’s got the cash

iOS vs. Android Google’s got market share, Apple’s got the cash

For whatever reason, Apple and Google’s head-to-head combat has spilled down in to consumers and transformed in to some type of fanaticism normally only found in sports.

Android fans throw out the “Android’s more popular, and iOS is going down” chant. Apple fanboys yell “but there’s only one iPhone and there are hundreds of Androids“. Seriously, why should they care?

Saying that, this latest tidbit is another to throw in to the mix. When it comes down to the bare business essentials – money – Apple has it covered, seriously well covered. In this past year Apple was declared the most valuable brand. The company has billions sat in the bank, in cold hard cash. (It does business old style.) And, it controls 50% of the profit that comes in to the mobile industry. That’s right.

Even though Android has over 40% of the global smartphone market in terms of devices sold/shipped, and Apple only has about 15%, Jobs&Co’s profit is worth one half of the entire handset market.The thing is this: when you make the hardware and the software, you keep pretty much all of the money. There are no licensing fees to pay to use another company’s software.

A business exists to make money. Sorry to break it to you, but neither Apple nor Google cares what you prefer. Companies don’t just make products, or improvements to make the customer happy.

If they did, they’d give them away. Making the customer happy means they have a good experience, which means they buy more of your products and give you free advertising by telling their friends. Their friends sign up “et voila”, you have more money. Simple.

So, although Android fanatics may think Apple is going down, or that Google’s operating system is more successful, when it comes down to cold hard cash (which is what it’s really about), Apple is dominating everyone.

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