When Apple announced the original iPad, they said that instead of fitting into the “cellphone” category or “computer” category, the device created a new category in the middle. And, for the most part this is true. In many ways, the iPad combines the best of both worlds into one device.

Get Multiple User Accounts On IPad With IUsersOne attribute definitely coming from the “computer” realm, though, is the iPad’s share-abilty. With it’s large screen size, ease of use and countless apps, the iPad certainly lends itself to sharing.

Not to mention the relatively high price tag makes the iPad a more get-one-and-share-it-in-the-household kind of device, rather than an everyone-gets-their-own gadget.

Unfortunately, this is an area where iOS falls short. I know a number of people who share an iPad with a family member or two, and their biggest complaint is always that everyone’s data is all jumbled together – game scores, social network accounts, photos, etc…

Luckily, a Brazilian developer by the name of Peter Franceschi has come up with a solution. Franceschi developed a jailbreak tweak called iUsers. When enabled, this hack allows users to have multiple separate accounts on one iPad! Each user can have a unique log in password, and keep his or her data separate from the rest of the family. Now it isn’t perfect just yet:

“What is maintained for each user is the application data and preferences of the iPad. What files are not maintained and synchronized music and videos from iTunes, but I’m working on a update for this to be supported.”

This means that if one person downloads DoodleJump, it’ll show up in every account. But, each user will be able to maintain individual scores and achievements. This is definitely a great start to will undoubtedly become a very popular jailbreak tweak.

You can check out the video below for more details (and a nice Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack). Franceschi is working on getting this tweak into Cydia, but if you want to try it early, you can install it through this source: cydia.iblogeek.com.

I never even thought of adding this feature to the iPad, but now that I see it in action I can’t believe it isn’t part of iOS. It just makes sense to have multiple accounts on a device like this. I just hope Apple takes notice of this. What do you guys think? Is this a feature you’d like to have on your iPad, or do you want to keep your iPad to yourself? Comment below.

See this tweak in action:

Get Multiple User Accounts On IPad

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