First And Last IPhones Are In Space

This morning the first space-certified iPhones launched with the last launch of the space shuttle Atlantis.

The devices have some pretty serious modifications, like an external battery, and no wireless communications. Of course, these all just precautions taken in order to avoid technical difficulties. The Zero-G iPhones are going into space running the SpaceLab for iOS application to conduct experiments onboard the shuttle.

Another great feature of the SpaceLab app (at least in the NASA version) is the ability to take a picture of the Earth (from the ISS) and it’ll calculate your relative location from Earth. It’s a little detail but it’s pretty cool.

In case you were wondering, the Zero-G iPhones are not jailbroken, they’re just modified on the hardware side. Also, if you can download SpaceLab for iOS here, except it is only the earth version.

Hopefully this isn’t the last of the Space Program that we’ll see. It would be a disappointment if these were the last iPhones in space.

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