Findmytap For IPhone – Review

Category: Lifestyle
Price: free
TiP Rating: 4/5
Release Date: Updated June 21, 2011
Current Version: 2.4
Seller: Elan Emerging Technologies Pvt Ltd
Rated: 4+
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.
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App Store Description: The Draught-Beer Drinkers’ Dream Come True: Findmytap Brings the Brews to You. Findmytap is an innovative new app that helps draught and craft connoisseurs and sophisticated social drinkers find their favorite beers. here. There. Anywhere.

Summary: Search through a selection of on-tap beers that are served at registered bars within a 10-mile radius. Users also can browse and leave reviews and ratings to help other Findmytap users.

Review: I am new to beer. After turning 21, I tended to stick to fruity drinks that masked the taste of alcohol. But over time, I’ve developed a taste for beer and now I actually prefer beer over mixed drinks.

Though, like I said, while my taste has changed, I’m still very new to beer. I’ve found a few that I like, but I haven’t really found a bar to be a regular at yet. Luckily Findmytap is here to help.

Findmytap allows users to find their favorite on-tap beers wherever they are. It can be used to find a favorite bar at home, or a new hangout while traveling in any U.S. city.

Upon starting the app, users can choose between locating a bar, or specifying their search by brew. If your search didn’t turn up any results, be sure to adjust the distance scale. The app will search within a 10-mile radius of your location.

Searching by tap will provide you with a list of different beers and how many bars at which they can be found. If you think you’ll be searching for a specific beer again, you can tap the star next to it and add it to your favorites.

Tapping on the beer itself will display the bars it can be found in, as well as its distance from you, its rating and any comments left by other beer lovers. Tapping on the map in the upper right corner will open up your phone’s Map app and plant little tags on each bar’s location.

If you’re searching by bar instead of brew, your list of results will turn up various bars. You can tap on an individual venue to view its rating and reviews left by other Findmytap users. Should you find yourself in a bar that isn’t on Findmytaps’ radar, you can add it.

Tapping on Add a Bar will open up another menu where you can add a bar that you’re visiting, or, if you’re a bar owner, you can add your own venue. After including all of the beers on tap, submit your find and the Findmytap team will review your addition.

Findmytap has been a helpful app as I explore Los Angeles. I look forward to taking this app for a whirl in a new city next month. It’s a great tool for any beer lover, whether you’re a n00b or a novice. And how could you not love an app with a disclaimer like this:

[Warning: Findmytap is not responsible for drunk dials, way-too-late booty calls, incriminating sexts, 4 a.m. binge-eating marathons, or return bus fare because you thought it would be hilarious to call your Mom from Cleveland. Seriously. You’re on your own, man.]

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