E-Reader Apps Updated To Abide By Apple’s Rules

Amazon just updated their Kindle e-reader application today. Why you may ask? To abide by Apple’s rules. Let me elaborate. A few months ago, Apple made changes to the developer agreement that forbids links to web-based stores to purchase content, if that content can not be purchased in the app also.

Apple’s motive is the 30% cut of all in-app purchases. Big developers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble don’t see a point to paying Apple, and have removed the option to buy content completely from the apps.

The real loser here is all of us. Instead of being able to buy books on any device, we now have to go to a PC or Mac and buy the books there. We’re losing the convenience of being able to buy content anywhere. It is very sickening just how competitive Apple and Amazon are now-a-days.

Whatever the case, you can no longer purchase books in the Kindle or Nook apps. Reading has not been affected and purchased books will still sync over amount your devices. If you haven’t updated to the latest version of this app, I highly recommend you don’t. You’ll lose the ability to purchase books on your device.

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